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Lunar eclipse, Chandra grahan August 6th - Timing, date and significance

Just as when you thought you were done with eclipses this year, (lunar eclipse on July 7th & solar eclipse on July 22nd), there is one more lunar eclipse coming up on August 6th 2009. Here is a detailed report of the penumbral lunar eclipse from NASA. The eclipse is partially visible in the east half of the US and partially visible in all of India.

A good visualization (with animation) of this August 6th lunar eclipse is provided by May not be clearly visible to the naked eye. Maximum eclipse will occur during the evening at 7:40 pm CDT on Thursday, August 6th. This would be 6.10AM on August 7th in India. states that lunar eclipse timing in India is at: August 6th 4.31AM - 7.48AM. Not sure which timing is right; will check into that.

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Pandit Mahesh Shastri said...

There are few things in eclipse...

penumeral contact and umbral contact. reports time that is the first contact of the shadow -- the penumra as well. hence these are the complete timings of eclipse.