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Kannada movie - Meera Madhava Raghava - Ramya Krishna, Diganth

Meera Madhava Raghava

Cast:Ramya ,Diganth,Mandya Ramesh, Sudha Belavadi, Master Anand, Sunder Raj, Babu Hirannaiah, Jayashriraj, Harini, Seetha Kote
Production:Bhoomika Chitra Private Limited

The intelligent director with vibrant thoughts T.N.Seetharam's second directorial venture for big screen is all about the travails of a woman caught in the middle of her husband and a tormentor rowdy.

Watch Kannada movie - Meera Madhava Raghava - Ramya Krishna, Diganth, Sunderraj

The protagonist in the film is Meera (Ramya) a singer in the village. A ruffian Raghava (Thilak) is in love with her but she rejects him outright and marries Madhava (Diganth). Madhava is interested in completing IAS for which Meera borrows loan from Raghava without the knowledge of her husband Madhava. At this time Meera signs the papers with a notion that she could give back the loan by selling the property of her father. But that property fetches lesser amount for her. Madhava returns in the meantime as Deputy Commissioner and around this time Raghava is a politician with very big clout. He demands the return of loan from Meera. Madhava knows about this and get irritated with his wife Meera. He uses his power to destabilize the position of Raghava that goes in vain. Meera pretends that she is in love with Raghava only to secure the papers she has signed. In one of the meetings Raghava is murdered and the onus falls on Meera. Deputy Commissioner Madhava is not ready to accept murderer Meera as his life partner anymore.. What happens in such a situation to mentally depressed Meera? Watch the movie further ..

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