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Sona masuri rice - are the US prices heading lower?

Its been months that the Californians (& other US states too) have been paying heftily for "Sona Masoori" rice. The price of 20 pound bag jumped from somewhere in the vicinity of $20 to $42. Yeah, that's a jump of more than 100% in just few months.

We are so used to increasing prices of Indian groceries in the US, but this jump in rice prices was substantial. (one relief was that the price of Basmati did not jump much). Anyways, I started noticing that the prices of Sona Masoori rice is heading lower a bit! yeah heading lower .. I did see the prices around $25 per 20Lbs for brands like Ravi, Udupi, etc.

Checkout the prices on these online store too; you can see that the prices have come down.

Chirag Sona Masuri rice
Low price on Tilda Sona Masoori -

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