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2009 Astrology - Chinese, Yahoo, Indian, Google, MSN, Horoscope

Want to know what is in store for you in 2009? It may depend on your star alignment when you were born and also the way stars influence you this year. The eclipses, the retrogrades and the angles each stars make to your birth star affects you, your behavior and your luck! Watch how year 2009 going to be for you. I have collected few good links of well known astrology websites below. Know your sun sign before you start. For Chinese astrology you may want to know your birth year animal and for Indian astrology, you may need to know your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign too. You can look at 2009 Calendar and Panchanga with predictions for Indian Astrology here.

Good luck in the new year! May 2009 bring you lot of happiness and joy!

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