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"Send money to India" - best way to transfer money - secure, quick and least expensive

Sending money to India in a secure & quick way with least amount commission fees, is a frequently asked question among NRIs. There are many options, some of them are secure, but they charge more. But other services are less expensive, but they are slow. So you will have to consider few factors before you decide which is the best way for you. This article should help you address this question.

Below are some of the options to send money to India. Visit each website and make sure their service meets your need.
A good checklist to consider before using any bank is below:
  • How much does it cost to transfer the funds?
  • Can I negotiate on exchange rate?
  • How fast can it transfer funds to India?
  • Does it provide an online portal so that I don't waste time running between banks? How good are the features on the portal?
  • Is there a way to insure your transaction, and how much does it cost to insure?
  • Just try a sample transaction for smaller amount of money

What if you want to send the money regularly?

Say, you want to send money to your parents every month. What is a better way? The best way that you can do it is to open an account that is accessible from India and your country of residence. So you could open the account where you are and send the ATM card to them in India. You can make any deposits and then they could make any withdrawals. Banks like ICICI can provide facilities like these.


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