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"Telugu movie - Param Veer Chakra - Balakrishna, Sheela, Ameesha Patel, Jayasudha, Murali Mohan,"

Major Jayasimha (Balakrishna) is a great patriot. He loves his profession. With the help of a covert, Major Jayasimha catches a terrorist Afzhal Ghani and puts him behind bars. A crooked politician gets himself kidnapped and the terrorists demand the release of Ghani from custody. Again Major Jayasimha enters the scene and brings back the politician along with a girl called Razia from the terrorists' base camp. Though Jayasimha believes that Razia is the daughter of the politician, she is a member of the terrorists gang. Razia robs information about Ghani's movement from Jayasimha's personal computer and takes him away from the army custody while he is being shifted from one jail to another. The Army officials blame Jayasimha for the escape of Ghani. Razia enters the scene and claims that she is Jayasimha's friend and she shared bed with him. She commits suicide before the army officials. Jayasimha faces court marshal and the government revokes all his medals and keeps him in prison.
      arGhani threatens to kill all the family members of Major Jayasimha and the latter escapes from prison with the help of the prison authority to save his family. At this juncture, Jayasimha comes to know that the lives of 200 small kids are in danger. So, Jayasimha changes his route and saves the children. But, he loses his entire family at home. On the other side of the story, Chakradhar (Balakrishna) is a film hero. He portrays great roles like 'Ravana', 'Komuram Bheem' and 'trade union leader'. As he is a look alike of Major Jayasimha, a few army officials meet him on the pretext of narrating him a film story. While listening to the story of Major Jayasimha, Chakradhar gets himself into the role of Major Jayasimha. Later, the army officers take him to a remote place in Hiimachal Pradesh and show him Major Jayasimha's body. They request him to go in the attire of Major Jayasimha and meet the covert appointed by him. Chakradhar accepts the role and meets the covert and comes to know that one of the army officers (Vijaykumar) who brought him there was the black sheep. So, Chakradhar decides to stay back and continue to play the role of Major Jayasimha to prove that the original Major Jayasimha was not a traitor but a great patriot. In the climax, Chakradhar kills Ghani and unveils the crookedness of politicians.

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