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"Kannada Comedy movie - House Full - Diganth, Girija Oak, Vishaka Singh, Rekha"

100 percent entertainment and Zero percent bore! This is what the caption under the title 'House Full' says in the posters. But Hemanth Hegde disappoints in the first half and second half is quite impressive because of the confusing tactics he has used. In the second half it is a laugh riot! The strong story line and care for the first half could have saved the director Hegde from the downfall.

Diggu (Diganth) is a freeloader from his grandpa's property while Parmi (Hemanth Hegde) is freeloader even without that status. Parmi is trying to catch a producer so that he can become a director of a film in that Diganth will be the hero. In that notion Parmi lives with his wife Aishwarya (Girija Oak) in the house of Diganth whose grandfather is a business tycoon in South Africa. Diggu is failing in his attempts to complete MBA and his grandfather sick of it wants to write the huge property for an orphan house. From here the foursome – Digu, Nithu his girl friend Aishwarya and Parmi make plans to win the heart of grand old man who is far away. They hatch plots that turn out to be cumbersome situation for them as grandfather decides to arrive to live in the house. The confusion created by servant by sending the photograph of Neethu (Girija Oak) wife of Parmi photograph to Digu's grandfather mounts up further confusions. The grand old man finally traces the misadventure of his grandson who realizes at the end. Digu urge his grandfather to pardon him for various confusions and commotions but it happens the other way. Grandfather (played by Lokanath) give up his stern nature for the happiness of foursome.

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