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For every person that enters our lives, we develop a separate distinct relationship. Whether we are friends, lovers, relatives, coworkers, associates or enemies, the basic principle of the relationship remains. This means that there is a relationship of some form in existence. While we will focus primarily on dating, love and relationships between two heterosexuals, there will be some tips for friend finders, ideas and relationship advice regarding other types of relationships as well in the links below. Meeting your perfect match is always a challenge, but the following links should help you in your quest.  Whether you are a single parent or a senior single, some of these internet dating can be a lot of help.

All of these relationships are a vital part of who we are. Each one gives us something and takes something out of us. We help determine whether they are good or bad relationships based upon our karma as well as the karma of the other person. The dating tips, love and relationship advice given here is done so to help us create good karma in our relationship and kindle that romance. 

If you are already in a relationship and you want to save your marriage, then you may want to check the compatibility with your partner astrologically.  Or read a book on whether the relationship is meeting your need.

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