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Being an NRI (Non Resident Indian) can mean a lot of uncertainty and many issues are unknown. Thats true until you learn how others have been doing so far. Below listed are very helpful websites that can help you plan on becoming NRI (particularly to come to the US), live outside India and finally returning back to India. Check these out ..

Coming to the US - Immigration Issues

Want to get B1 or B2 US visa for Parents or H4 visa for wife? Below is a very useful website with many people describing their experiences. Its worth a read - check it out..

Visitor Medical Insurance and travel Insurance

Once you or your parents are in the US, you will visitor medical insurance for them. You will find the following websites helpful, but compare the prices and the terms before you accept the deal.

Want to send money to India?

Most of the services allows you to use your debit account or bank account  to send money to India. Some of them courier a locally payable Demand Draft for the Indian Rupee amount to the beneficiary, and you receive an e-mail confirmation from them after the funds have been delivered.

Returning to India

After living outside of India, now are you ready to move back to India? Here are few issues that are relevant to you before you can plan to move back. Read and participate in these forums to address any concerns you might have.

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Insurance for USA visiting parents