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"Kannada Hit Movie - Tamassu - Shivrajkumar, Padmapriya"


Communal clashes between Hindu and Muslim communities are growing in number day by day and the line of division is becoming thicker everyday due to the political interest in India. But at the core, both Muslims and Hindus transcend all the barriers and their relationship grow beyond their respective religions. This is what social activist-cum-journalist Agni Shridhar has tried to depict precisely in directorial debut ventureThamassu (Tamassu) and no other filmmaker in Kannada film industry has treated the transformation theame with so much of deep insight as he does in the film. Hats off to the debut director. 

However, the movie has a few drawbacks too. It does not have comedy and punch dialogues to appeal the mass audience. Several sequences i.e. communal clash appear to be too much dramatic. The director has used two politicians' characters to show that communal clashes are created by politicians but there is not proper connection and development and justification of these roles. Finally, the movie is more preachy. 

Overall, Thamassu has a thought provoking message to youths. It does not have much melodrama and exposure and it can be a good family entertainer too. Youths should not miss to watch the film.

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