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"Kannada movie - Sugriva - Shivrajkumar, Yagna"


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Sugriva 2010 Kannada Movie Watch Online

The Kannada film 'Sugriva' a two hours and 15 minutes commercial entertainer with all the 'Navarasas' all set to complete the shoot in 18 hours finished the task on Sunday night at 11.55 pm just five minutes earlier to the schedule time at Rajarajeswari Medical College location in Bangalore. There were three locations and twenty plus sets for the film 'Sugriva'. At Raja Rajeshwari Medical College four huge floors were occupied and the ICU required for the film was nearby. Another spot was far away from the main location.

The Namana Films producer Anaji Nagaraj and nearly 1500 artists, technicians and workers who worked for this mammoth film were up in joy after finishing the task. The 18 hours Kannada film shoot at one main location near Kengeri and the other one at Mallasandra were looking full of activities as the 10 directors and 12 cameramen in the leadership of Prashanth (Malayalam film director who made a film 'Bhagwan' starring Mohan Lal in 19 hours – a film of 71 minutes duration 'Adbhutham' was made in 2005 shooting in 2 hours and 14 minutes by director Jayaraj).

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