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"Emotional Atyachar - Hindi Bindass Reality show (Angad Bedi)"

Emotional Atyachar is a very different reality Show on UTV Bindass. Emotional Atyachaar new Show on UTV Bindass is aired every Friday at 7 PM in India. Emotional Atyachaar on Bindass introduces an ultimate loyalty test of relationships.

Host of Emotional Atyachaar:

Angad Bedi:

Angad Bedi is the host of Emotional Atyachaar on UTV Bindass. Angad Bedi's father is Bishan Singh Bedi. He has done many TV serials, Shows and films. Now, Angad Bedi introduces a very unique reality Show, Emotional Atyachaar on Indian Television which puts relationships to the ultimate test.

First Episode of Emotional Atyachaar:

First episode of Emotional Atyachaar is aired on 18th December, 2009 on UTV Bindass. The story introduces Prashant Dutt Sharma as a suspect. The case is introduced by his friend – Yash Ghosh. Rishina Bedi gives a concern to the Emotional Atyachaar Show to testify her boyfriend's character.

Now, Emotional Atyachaar crew starts an investigation about Prashant Dutt Sharma who is about 27 year old. Prashant and Rishna are in a relationship for last 4 years. Prashant promises her to marry but Yash knows about his cheating. Rishina doesn't believe on Yash so, he comes to Emotional Atyachaar TV Show. He wants to Show the truth of Prashant towards Rishina.

Bullet cameras and directional Mic are the main technology in this investigation. Emotional Atyachaar Show chooses Sakshi Pradhan for this investigation. She is beautiful and 21 year old model.

In the first day of investigation, Sakshi meets Pradhan in Joggers Park where he goes daily. Soon, Prashant makes her good friend. He takes her mobile number. Soon, he fixes a meeting in a Pub. In the Pub, he tries to make Sakshi close.

Second day he wants to go on long drive. Team of Emotional Atyachaar covers Sakshi's car with directional Mic and hidden cameras. In the car, Prashant takes her very close. Finally, they go to the Tiger Hill.

Third day a new under cover agent – Annie is introduced. She meets first time him. In the first meeting, he takes her mobile number. Late night at 3 AM, Prashant calls her. Annie gets a concern with the team of Emotional Atyachaar and meets to Prashant.

Today, he reveals everything about his life. He had no trust in any relationship. He takes much closer Annie this night.

Finally, all videos footage preview of investigation is delivered to the Rishina and Yash by Emotional Atyachaar. This night, Prashant fixes a meeting with Annie in her flat. Now, Rishina and Yash catch Prashant in the flat of Annie.

Rishina get rid off from Prashant's emotional atyachar by the Show. She was being cheated by Prashant for last 4 years.

About Emotional Atyachaar:

Emotional Atyachaar is a new reality Show on UTV Bindass in India. The Show is sponsored by Monaco Smart Chips. Monaco Smart Chips presents Emotional Atyachaar on UTV Bindass tests the bond of relationship.

Emotional Atyachaar Show will investigate about your partner, if you need to test your partner's character. The Show tries to stop emotional cheat. Actions of suspect partner will be captured by hidden cameras. Emotional Atyachaar reveals the real truth behind relationships on national television.

If you have any doubt towards your partner, you can just go through Emotional Atyachaar Show to test the reality of your partner.

UTV Bindass has introduced an ultimate relationship test by Emotional Atyachaar like never before. By the Show you can avoid your future emotional atyachaar. Now, perfect bride or perfect groom will be testified by the Show on the request of her/him partner and friend.

Name of Emotional Atyachar is based on the most famous song "Tauba Tera Jalwa, Tauba tera pyar, Tera Emosanal Attyachaar!" from "Dev D" Hindi movie of Bollywood.

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