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"Watch Kannada movie - Surya, The great - AIDS, Ajay, Shivani, Yama"

Surya, The great, is the story of Surya (Ajay), an autorickshaw driver, who saves Lord Yama from rowdy souls who want to go to heaven from hell.The director also takes a look at problems on earth and thereafter in Yamaloka (the digitally created world of Lord Yama).He has also tried to create awareness on pollution, family planning, drugs, AIDS and the use of Kannada language. Through Surya, he also tries to spread the message - live and let live. The director's efforts to create awareness on various issues are appreciable.Moral lessons alone cannot make a good film. Actingwise, Ajay (of Excuse me fame) has little scope.

Surya The Great 2005 Kannada Movie Watch Online Part1
Surya The Great 2005 Kannada Movie Watch Online Part2

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