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"Cow Killing in India", "Holy sacred Hindu religious slaugher video"

If you are thinking that Cows in India are living happily without being slaughtered for their flesh, then you got it all wrong. Most states have banned killing cows, but there are 2 states that have not done that and as a result, all cows from other states are transported (needless to say, inhumanely) to these 2 states for killing.

Kerala and West Bengal are two of the Indian states that still promote Cow Killing in India. Why have these two states not banned cow killing while the rest of the country has strongly opposed killing cows? One common factor among these states is that they are mostly ruled by Communist parties like CPI/CPM. The other reason could be that there is some influence of Muslims and Christian influence in this part of the country.

Even while the cows (still talking about cows in India) are alive, they are tortured, abused and ultimately killed brutally for few pounds of flesh. The pictures of these poor helpless animals tortured to death is unbearable. Why do we need animal flesh so badly that we have to torture & kill them so much?

Folks, become vegetarians and promote vegetarianism. You will give life to those animals and give yourself a healthy diet. Order your Vegetarian starter Kit today!

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