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"Astrology - 2010 Stock market crash prediction", "stocks crashing"

A well know astrologer is predicting Stock Market crash in during the June 26th eclipse in Capricorn sign. Here is the excerpt from website.

Keep in mind that the June 26 eclipse is very active, and because it is falling in the big money sign of Capricorn, I expect to see a very sharp drop in the stock market sometime between June 26 and August 13. This will be a much bigger drop than anything we've seen, and it may cause people to panic a bit. This is a full moon, after all. I tell you this simply so that you can find ways to protect your investments. Meet with your advisor and decide how to get to high ground. Be conservative - this is no month to take big risks.
If you believe in astrology, then it might be a good time to start protecting your assets.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we have to believe Astrology in predicting market crashes.

Just take it as it comes!

Anonymous said...

Just take it as it comes!
we will not have to believe Astrology to guide our future.

There is always a probability of 1% Stock market crash every day.

Anonymous said...

your prediction failed

lizzy said...

Astrology is the science of understanding the subtle influences that come to us from the greater universe, Indian Astrology