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"Lunar eclipse partial on December 31 2009" - Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa

The partial lunar eclipse will occur over many parts of Asia, Australasia, Europe and Africa. The moon will be found in the constellation Gemini on December 31, 2009. This is the last eclipse in 2009. Here is the animation of this partial lunar eclipse in December 2009. Technical specifications of this lunar eclipse is available from NASA as well.

When Will the Eclipse Occur?

The first penumbral contact occurs at 17:17:08 Universal Time (UT). The ecliptic conjunction occurs at about 19:12:45 UT and greatest eclipse takes place at 19:22:39 UT when the eclipse magnitude will reach 0.0763. The eclipse ends at about 21:28:11 UT.

Will the Eclipse be Visible?

This minor partial lunar eclipse will be difficult to see with the naked eye as the umbral magnitude will only be 0.0763. The penumbral magnitude will be 1.0556. The moon’s southern limb barely tickles the earth’s central shadow.

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