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"Hindi film Paa online - Bachchan, Jaya, Abhishek, Amitabh, Vidya Balan"

The movie starts off with Jaya Bachchan narrating the titles and this got me real confused. I mean, what were those expressions; somewhere between giggling on an adult joke and trying to suppress the urge to go to the loo. ABCL seems to be hard selling their family package – Sign any two people in the family and the third comes as a guest appearance absolutely free.

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Enter Amitabh as Auro and my fears of him being over the top were whisked away after watching him on screen for just ten minutes. It is a relief that he gives a constrained performance. He is obviously not as cute as his class mates (and is not supposed to be either) but the good part is that he’s not repelling and he sort of grows on you through the movie. I’m not sure however about his mannerisms and the way he bends his arms while walking. But overall, he doesn’t seem to overshadow the story and that is good in a way. The other good thing is that the movie is not only about Auro and his disease or what he goes through. The harsh parts of his life have been done away with. The movie is more about his innocence, his friends and the story of his parents and that is what helps it to be refreshing rather than tiresome. It is indeed wonderful that the story focuses on the bright moments in an otherwise supposedly hard life. The best parts of the movie however are not the ones by Amitabh. The take on the media, I thought, was very comical and especially, the character of Auro’s best friend Vishnu – He has the best (funniest) lines in the movie. Children are such natural actors, they don’t really have to worry about comic timing.

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