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"Bellary Reddy Brothers" - Corrupt Lalloos of South India

Reddy brothers of Bellary who now control the BJP run Karnataka government, have been a curse to the Indian democracy. Their rise from "rags to riches" tells the society a wrong story - that doing illegal stuff (mining, in their case) is easily forgiven as long as you are making big money doing illegal mining! Thats not it, the brothers are now Revenue Minister and Forest ministers in Karnataka. Talk about the fence eating the garden! They are worser than the forest brigand Veerappan - who was (at least ostensibly) operating out of the government agencies. But Reddy brothers are looting the public land with Police being on their side!

Born to a poor police constable, the Reddy brothers of Bellary are a multi millionaires today. A  police constable in India hardly earns $200/month even in 21st century and with that kind of humble beginnings, the story of the rise of Reddy brothers can be interesting at best.

The illegal mining that is carried out in the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border is supported by all political factions in Karnataka and Andhra. And the efforts of enviromental agencies (MOEF) is going no where! The public forest land is looted for the beneits of politicians and illegal miners like Reddy brothers.

Right when the entire Karnataka state is suffering from the recent rain water floods, the Reddy brothers are engaging in political trade war with Yediyurappa. The Reddy gang MLAs are having fun in Resorts in Hyderabad and Goa, while their constituency people are fighting life or death situations.

MEGA OFFERING: Janardhana Reddy handed over the mega offering to the shrine board chairman.
The real sufferers from the dirty politics of Reddy brothers are the Karnataka public. Their forest is looted by illegal mining from Reddy brothers and the government money is mis-used too because the illegal miners are the Forest ministers.

And they shared their loot with the Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupathi with a Golden Crown studded with diamonds that is worth 45 crore rupees - How can the Lord wash their sins?

Some one help the land and people of Karnataka!!

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