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"Free parking in San Diego Downtown", "Gas Lamp Quarter" - how to get?

Want to park for free in San Diego downtown? May be possible, it mainly depends on where, how long, and if there are any planned events in the city. But for an average user, there are a few places where you can find a good bargain places to park. Listed below are some of the places that I have used and they have reasonably worked fine.
  1.  Horton Plaza: If you need parking for less than 3 hours, just park at Horton Plaza parking lot that is at 4th and F street junction. Do not forget to validate your tickets at the machines that on each floor. Can find more on Hortom Plaza parking details here.
  2. For the events parking, the san diego county office offers plenty of parking and shuttle service. Obtain more details on the San diego downtown parking maps, shuttle services, and time schedules here.
  3. Ace Parking has plenty of parking spaces that offer just $8 per day on an average day.
  4. If you are closer to sea port village, then you can get two hour parking for free for just buying a drink at one of the food places.
  5. If you decide to hunt for a street parking spot, then here is a general overview of where to look for street parking spaces in San diego downtown area.

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