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"Kaminey" - movie review - Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor 4/5
To cut it short, KAMINEY is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but youd never be able to ignore it. Word 'from the wise: Go for this jhatke experience! Read More

Kaminey will take some getting used to. It isn't the comfort food that Bollywood normally dishes out. But I strongly recommend that you see it. This taste is worth acquiring. Read More 4/5
Yes, Kaminey is a smart and balsy film that brings Hollywood to Bollywood, reminiscent of the adventurism of Quentin Tarantino's action thrillers which catapult the viewer into the dark, violent world of crime and criminals, leaving you no time to blink or breathe easy. Read More 4.
Once in a particularly blue moon, comes a film that makes you wolf-whistle. One that then ties you to the edge of your seat and forcibly pins you there and pounces on you, eventually leaving you sitting in the dark, drained and grinning and more satisfied than a film has any business leaving you. Read More 4.5/5
In short, KAMINEY is your typical Bollywood masala film, but with keeping the audience intelligence in mind. What Bhardwaj has smartly done is use the formula of the films of old and dress it up in his own inimitable way. Read More 4/5
Talking of the performers, Shahid Kapoor delivers a smashing performance both as Charlie and Guddu. A performance that should make Pankaj Kapur, a proud father. Priyanka Chopra is good; her presence is mostly restricted to the first half. Amol Gupte as the main villain is terrific. Read More 3/5
The second half tends to stretch with too many twists in the plot to reach a customary climax. Otherwise Kaminey is long, dark and handsome. Read More

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