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Parents visiting from India - Visitor Medical Insurance?

Want to plan for Visitors Medical insurance for your parents, uncles, aunts and relatives visiting you from India? You have many choices, but you will have to be careful in selecting the ones that covers your need and at the same not too pricey.

One of the main complaints from users of travellers Insurance is the "Pre-existing medical conditions". You will have to be completely aware of what coverage you are getting.

If you want to make your insurance premium go low, then there are few ways to vary the premium. The premium mainly depends on the age of the insured, but you cannot do anything about it. The other usual factors that you can vary to obtain most suitable premium is by:
  • What is the Maximum Coverage dollar amount you will need?
  • What is the Coverage area; All of the US or outside US is also needed?
  • Can you accept higher deductible if the changes of using insurance is low?
Below are some of the popular Insurance agents offering Visitors Medical Insurance:


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