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Sri Rama navami festival - pooja process

Ram Navami celebrates the birth of Lord Ram. It falls on the ninth day of the Chaitra month. It is on April 3rd 2009 this year. On the Ram Navami day, Lord Vishnu temples are decorated and the image of Lord Ram is richly adorned. Shlokas from the ‘Ramacharitamanas’ are recited. It is believed that Lord Ram was born at midday and therefore special prayers are held in temples during this time.

Rama Navami occurs in the months of March and April. Celebrations begin with a prayer to the Sun early in the morning. At midday, when Lord Rama is supposed to have been born, a special prayer is performed. In northern India especially, an event that draws popular participation is the Rama Navami procession. The main attraction in this procession is a gaily decorated chariot in which four persons are dressed up as Rama, his brother Laxman, his queen Sita and his disciple Hanuman. The chariot is accompanied by several other persons dressed up in ancient costumes as work by Rama's solders.

Below you can find the pooja process for Sri Rama navami:

Sree Rama Raksha stotra for Rama Navami in Kannada
Popular bhajans and celebrations for Sri Rama navami

South Indians make Rama Navami special panaka - recipe found here. Besides the usual fasting and prayers, a most delightful tradition that is practiced as a part of the Ram
Navami celebrations in south India is the narration of stories from the epic "Ramayana". Rama is considered as the epitome of perfection, fulfilling all his duties towards both family and subjects. Talented storytellers are known to narrate episodes of the Ramayana with the local flavor and humor adding to it. This is essentially a folk tradition and still continues in villages and small towns.

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