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Kannada movie online - Mandya - Darshan, Rakshita, Radhika

The story of Mandya just resembles that of Sambha.Darshan hails from a respected family of Mandya which is adored. Darshan's popularity and helping nature does not go well with one family which is related. The friction develops into a full blooded war between Darshan and his opponents. The police chief of the district advises the warring faction leaders to go out of the district for six months and come back to the city there after. Darshan comes to Bangalore with his family members and is engaged in a business. Meanwhile, he learns that poor people are being troubled by his opponents. He returns to Mandya to warn his opponents that he will not tolerate any injustice.Then he vanquishes all the villains and also delivers a speech where he calls for lasing peace in the district.

Watch Kannada movie online free - Mandya - Darshan, Rakshita, Om Prakash Rao

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