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Anoop Desai - Desi in American idol - who is he?

Anoop is the only child of Manoj Desai who graduated from IIT, Kanpur and came to America in 1977. Anoop's mother Nalini Desai who earned her doctorate in South Africa also studied in a college program in Navsari, Gujarat. She works in the bio-tech field. The couple lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Anoop asked cousin Mauli if she wanted a Gujarati or a Hindi song. "He speaks fluent Gujarati but not much Hindi," she says. Mauli feels that he began singing in the presence of the family as his confidence grew over the last few years. "We thought it was a big deal when he found a place on The Clef Hangers because the competition is strong," she adds, "but when he entered the American Idol all of us felt naturally felt more proud of him."

So what are Anoop's career goals?

"Anoop has many options open to him," says his aunt Kirti Desai. "He loves music and right now would like to investigate if a career in music is a feasible option for him."

Mauli Desai says each week some members of the family join Anoop's parents at the competition. "They fly in from all across America to be in Hollywood to boost his morale," she continues. "He offers the tickets to his family first and only then to his friends. If I did not have a newly born baby, I would be there too."

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