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Super hit Bollywood movie Munnabhai MBBS - Sanjay Dutt, Arshad

Munna Bhai is one of the most engaging and nuanced characters to come out of Bollywood in recent memory. He is Robin Hood. He is a man with feelings. He is an honorable gangster who refuses to do someone’s dirty work. He is a macho daredevil who is beginning to find out the power of love. He is a part of you and you are a part of him. He is a desi who gets family values- he craves his father’s respect, his mother’s love and the love of his lady. He is a low-class goonda who learns the meaning of respect. He cares. He is tough. He is strong. He is a bully. He is a lover. He understands friendship. Below are the links for the watching the hit movie Munnabhai MBBS.

Watch super hit mega hindi movie Munnabhai MBBS - PArt1
Superhit Bollywood Movie Munnabhai - Sanjay Datt, Arshad - Part2

Circuit (Sirkeshwar) is one of the greatest sidekick characters in Indian cinema. Generally speaking, sidekicks are one-dimensional buffoons who are kicked around and do not add to the story line. Circuit, on the other hand, becomes part of the fabric of the story. The movie would be less engaging had Circuit not been in it. What makes this character work is that Munna takes Circuit seriously. What Circuit says matters to Munna and influences him. The classic drinking scenes are memorable and drive Munna’s decision-making.

In the end, Munna Bhai is about ijjat. Munna had it all when he was a gangster- money, fame, cronies by the dozen. What he lacked was ijjat. The movie is about how this realization changes him for the better and how ultimately, he really gets it all.

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