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Kannada movie - Inti Ninna Preetiya (INP) - Bhavana, Kitti, Sonu, Rangayana Raghu

Starring: Krishna (Srinagar Kitti), Bhavana, Sonu, Rangayana Raghu
Music: Sadhu Kokila
Lyrics: Yogaraj Bhat, Jayanth Kaikini
Director: Suri
Producer: Yogaraj Bhat, Suri

Inthi Ninna Preethiya, gives a comeback opportunity to Shrinagar Kitti, now Krishna, whose earlier venture 'Giri' was a total failure. Though Kitti is a polished actor, who has acted in several TV Serials and also as Villain for some movies which includes 'Chandra Chakori' etc.,needed a break in in his sagging career and this film happened!

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There are great hopes on Kitti by the viewers. It is believed that even before "Inthi' release
Kitti has bagged many offers as Hero. Sadhu Kokila is the Music Director, and for the
first time he surprises one and all with his melodies. Though his earlier ventures in H2O and No.1 had some melodiesm Sadhu is famous for fast beets! Sathya Hegde is the Cinemotographer, who is one of the best Cinemotographers in Kannada. Yograj Bhatt who
is the Guru and friend of Soori has penned some gr8 songs with Jayanth Kaikini, which are very
melodious and meaningful. Yograj himself is a Great director(Mungaru Male & Gaalipata), a
close friend of Soori, has produced this movie for the first time.

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- Inti ninna preetiya - Srinagar Kitti, Bhavana, Sonu, Rangayana Raghu - Source 2

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