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Kannada hit movie - Jogi - Shivraj Kumar, Jennifer Kotwal, Arundhati Nag

Shivaraj Kumar "Jogi" which has been released on the Varamahalakshmi Festival day with high expectations from the fans is the sentimental story of a village simpleton turned an underworld hireling and his equally innocent mother searching for each other in the unsympathetic, cruel world of Bangalore.

The film is well shot and has a high-class music, which had a direct impact on the tremendous openings that the film obtained and does stand up to the expectations it has raised. The major factor which helps the film is the electrifying performance of Shivaraj Kumar who has acted as Madesha. His two different get ups in the film, his body language as a village simpleton and later in the sequences where the process of the search for his mother starts are the major highlights of the film.

The major plus point in the film is the music by Guru Kiran. All the songs had become major hits even before the release of the film and the Audio CD sales in the retail shops had created a record. But the song sequences could have been much better. Particularly the title song that is shot in Rajasthan is certainly below the expectations that were built among the fans.

"Jogi" combines all commercial elements like sentiment, hero oriented dynamism and extra ordinary songs, which certainly makes an attractive proposition for the fans. But whether the sentimental angle found in the second half of the film will be liked the family audience has to be seen.

Watch Super hit Kannada movie - Jogi - Shivrajkumar, Jennifer Kotwal, Arundhati Nag

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