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Tamil movie online free - Kushi - Vijay, Jothika

Cast: Vijay, Jotika, Mumtaz, Shilpa Shetty, Vivek

The story opens in Calcutta where a boy is born to a wealthy couple, a Tamilian father and a Bengali mother. After many close-up shots of the woman in labour the camera shifts to a village in Tamil Nadu, where a baby girl Jennifer is born in a middle class Christian family. The camera moves as though in some thriller, and a voice in the background informs us that the two babies are the future lovers of the story. Next, the two families are shown sitting next to each other in some jewellery shop. While the parents are oblivious of each other's presence, the babies look at each other, clasp each other's hands, and make gurgling noises.

Watch Tamil movie Kushi online on Veoh - Vijay, Jotika

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