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Dubbing English movies into Indian languages

Indian movie makers are tired of remaking English movies in Indian versions, like remaking "Memento" into "Ghajini"s in different languages. Now, the Indian movie makers are into some cheap movie tricks. Why not dubb the same English movies into local regional Indian languages. So you will see that White Westerners are speaking Indian languages. Funny to imagine all the English movie scenes in Indian languages ..

I was little stunned to see the Tamil dubbing of English movies or Hindi dubb of English movies and made available on the Internet. Though this development was expected, but it is little odd to see white faces speaking Indian languages. I guess it is a matter of time to get used that!

Another website for watching English movies in Hindi language and telugu dubbed English movie "Die Another day"

I wonder what will they substitute the foul language usage with? for example, what will the most used "F*** you" be replaced with? I guess it will be "ayyo raama" for south indians or "hey bhagwaan" for hindi speaking ones, if it is for public display .. otherwise it can be any word..

Is the market in India big enough to dubb english movies in Indian languages. Though Indians may not mind watching english movies despite lip synchronization is bad, this dubbing phenomena seems to be taking off.

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