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What is Veoh?

Veoh is a movie player just like any other movie player. Veoh hosts the movies that people upload and then they post the links so you are able to view them from your own computer. Veoh software, installed on consumers’ PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network that is able to distribute TV-quality, full-screen broadcast video to hundreds of millions of users with broadband Internet connections. Motion picture studios, television networks, organizations and individuals can publish unlimited amounts of broadcast video content to the network, providing consumers with unparalleled choice in television programming and control over their viewing experience.

VeohNet was specifically designed to provide DMCA compliance, while traditional systems do not take compliance into account enabling the rampant piracy of intellectual property.

Q. When I click a Veoh link provided in this forum, it will only play 5 minutes of the movie. Why is it doing that?
A. It is only showing you a preview of that movie. In order to watch some Veoh movies, they require you have the Veoh player downloaded.

Q. How do I know if I need to have the Veoh player downloaded to be able to view the full movie?
A. When you click on the Veoh movie link, it will only show you five minutes of that movie.

Q. I have downloaded the Veoh Player but when I click on the Veoh movie link, it is still only showing me a 5 minute preview. Why is it doing that?
A. It is doing that because once you open the Veoh movie link, you have to click "Watch on VeohTV." You will find, "Watch on VeohTV" on the upper right hand side of the movie preview.

Q. Do I have to pay for the Veoh Player?
A. No, its completely free. As stated above, you could compare it to Windows Media Player. It is simply a player that plays movies.

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