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Mysore Dasara - Navaratri celebrations

World famous Navaratri Dasara celebrations at Mysore is inaugurated September 19th and finishes on September 28th. Here is the Events schedule for Mysore Dasara - Air show, bicycle race, film festival, flower show, Exhibition, jamboo savari, jaganmohan palace decoration, and yoga dasara

The origin of Dasara goes way back to the Vijayanagar dynasty in 15th Century. The Wodeyars of Mysore continued this colourful & religious celebration under the leadership of Raja Wodeyar in the year 1610. Dasara is also known as the 'Navarathri', where nine days of worship & celebration culminate on the 10th day, known as 'Vijaydashami'. This has been declared as ‘Naada Habba’ or the State festival.

Legend has it that the resident demon of Mysore, known as 'Mahishasura' was slain by the goddess in the avatar of Chamundeshwari. (Incidentally the name Mysore is derived from this demon 'Mahishasura') Therefore 'Vijaydashami' is celebrated symbolically as the win of good over evil.

During Dasara, the brightly illuminated Mysore Palace and the entire city is a sight to behold. In September 1805, the wodeyars started holding a special durbar ('Royal Assembly', similar to that of the Mughal emperors) for members of the royal family, Europeans, palace officials, royal priests and important citizens. Commoners also participated in the durbar. The festival has become a tradition of the royal household and reached its zenith during the rule of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar (1902-1940).

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