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Kannada movie Milana - Puneeth Rajkumar, Parvathi, Pooja Gandhi

Cast:Puneeth Rajkumar, Parvathi, Pooja Gandhi
Production:Dushyanth Singh
Music:Mano Murthy

Watch Kannada movie free - Milana - Punit Rajkumar, Parvathi, Pooja Gandhi

Milana starts off with an arranged marriage between Aakash( Puneeth ) and Anjali. Aakash realizes that Anjali was forced into wedlock by her father, but she still wants to be with Hemanth with whom she had a love affair. The couple agrees for a divorce albeit with a mutually acceptable proposal. Later Anjali meets Hemanth who had run away after being threatened by her father. Aakash tries everything to get Anjali and Hemanth united. What happens next ? Will they be united ? Will Aakash be successful in bringing back Hemanth and Anjali together ?

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Kaddhu Kadhdhu noDu kalla yaaru

Male nintu hoda mele

kivi maatondu

Anthu Inthu preeti bantu

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