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Indian Animation - Roadside Romeo - Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Disney is partnering India's Yash Raj Films for the Hindi-language animated flick 'Roadside Romeo' that opens on Friday, Disney's first local partnership for an Indian film.

Roadside Romeo is a 2008 computer-animated film, and the first major one to be made in Bollywood. It was written and directed by debutante Jugal Hansraj.

Romeo is a dog who once lived in luxurious surroundings. Unfortunately, for him, his owners decide to migrate to London and he is left at the mercy of the servant of the house, who dumps him on the street. Left to fend for himself, he is soon cornered by the local 'goons' who tell him that this is their 'domain'. Poor Romeo does not know the street lingo and is at a loss for words at first, but then turns his charm around to win these very strays as his close pals. Together, they set up a business. Everything goes on fine with a big queue outside their salon. Watch the movie for more ...

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