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Diwali 2009 - Deepavali Rangoli, Gifts, Recipe, Songs, Greeting cards

When is Diwali or Deepavali? According to Hindu reckoning, the date of Diwali falls on 15th day of the dark fortnight in the auspicious Hindu month of Kartika or the month of October/November in English calendar. This Diwali day falls on the amavasya or the Newmoon day. Diwali date comes 20 days after the popular festival of Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi.

For 2009, the Diwali falls on October 17th 2009. But the festival extends for 3 days - first day of Naraka chaturdashi, second day of Lakshmi Pooja & the third day of Bali Padyami. North Indians celebrate the first & the second day more and the South Indians on the third day. Some North Indian business communities start their financial year on Diwali.

Here are some interesting design for Diwali Rangolis:

Wish your family and friends Diwali/Deepavali wishes:

Send Diwali gifts to family and friends in India:

What will you cook for Diwali this time? Here are some interesting recipes from all over India:

Which hindi Diwali songs do you want to play on the CD?


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