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Watch Ramayan Online free - Hindi TV serial

The links for the 78 episode Ramayan TV serial hindi is below. During its original broadcast, Ramayan was enormously popular, drawing over 100 million viewers.

Watch Ramayana online for free - Super hit Hindi TV series

Cast includes:

Arun Govil ... Ram
Deepika ... Sita
Dara Singh ... Hanuman
Arvind Trivedi ... Ravan
Vijay Arora ... Meghnath
Jayshree Gadkar ... Kaushalya (1986-1988)
Sanjay Jog ... Bharat (1986-1988)
Padma Khanna ... Kaikeyi (1986-1988)
Sunil Lahri ... Laxman
Lalita Pawar ... Manthara (1986-1988)
Rajnibala ... Sumitra (1986-1988)

Director: Ramanand Sagar

Now we have the new comic book series, "Ramayan 3392", based Ramayan with all the latest technology included. Seems like the story of Ramayan is remade with the character-imagination from the western world. Nothing bad, but seems like a repeat of the stories already told, seen and enacted.

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